Monday, March 19, 2018

2017-2018 Contenders Basketball

Been looking forward to the 2017-2018 Contenders basketball since I enjoyed the 2017-2018 Contenders Draft Picks cards.  Another nice set of cards I like.  While similar to the last set it has the "ticket info" in a vertical alignment on the side this time as opposed to at the bottom.  The photos aren't full bleed with the backgrounds highlighted in a team color putting the player front and center.  The numbers on the front relate to the player's weight (Section), height in inches (row) and jersey number (seat).  Also has a nice team logo.  I'm happy with these cards and the design.    
 The backs duplicate the photo from the front which is now completely shaded in team color.  No stats here.  Instead you'll see a write-up.  I like these backs though a few stats wouldn't have hurt.  
The Porzingis card is a Game Ticket card.  I've even seen these specific cards listed as parallels but since they have a different name it seems appropriate to be it's own card.  Besides the difference in card name the other difference is the lettering on the front is not in silver foil but in red foil.  Can't really make it out on the scan I know.  The Winning Tickets card isn't bad but the photos are really small and it looks like a stamp.  Probably my one negative here is the lack of retired greats in my pull.  They were prominent in the Draft Contenders blaster I opened (6) which as a big plus for me.
Player's photos have them in their new team's jersey which is good.  I was happy with my pull.  Plenty of stars and no duplicates.  The Draft Contenders autograph I pulled came from a blaster box.  I really wanted to grab one today but found both these and the new Prestige cards so I decided to grab both as opposed to just a blaster box which guarantees an auto or relic.  Blasters contain 40 cards.  I'll pick up more of these as again I like these cards.  
44 – Total Cards (2 Packs)
2 – Winning Tickets
2 – Playing the Numbers Game
2 – Game Ticket Parallel

Sunday, March 18, 2018

2015-2016 Donruss Basketball Retail Box

I've scanned cards from the 2015-2016 Donruss Basketball set before but I can't find a post on them.  hmmm.  This box was also a part of my Dave & Adam's purchase.  There were 24 packs in this box with each containing eight cards.  There are no guaranteed autos in these boxes though they are remotely possible.  The cards themselves are a favorite of mine.  Colorful with nice photos they really do it for me.  I'm also a huge fan of the Scoring, Rebounding, and Passing kings cards.  The Donruss brand also give me a chance to see retired greats which is something I really enjoy.  Lots of nice cards here with my pull netting me all the major stars.  Of the 192 cards I think I had less than five duplicates which is a huge plus.  Always seems like I get way more than my share of duplicates when I'm grabbing packs from my local Wal-Mart so it was fun not to have that frustration.  
The backs aren't special but I do like the added color.  Much better than the black and white backs you find on some Panini products.  This The Rookies card is a #/199 Holo.  
Love these inserts.  Not only do you get current stars but you also find past greats here.  
More inserts where you can find current elites and stars from the past.  Again this set is a favorite of mine so I'd be surprised if I don't grab more of these as opportunities present themselves.    
192 – Total Cards
7 – The Rookies (1 – Holo #/199)
6 – Rated Rookie
3 – Elite Series
3 – Extra Edition
2 – Franchise Futures
1 – Scoring Kings
1 – Rebounding Kings
1 – Passing Kings

Friday, March 16, 2018

2016 Playoff Football Blaster Box

This is my first look of the 2016 Panini Playoff football cards via a blaster I recently purchased from Dave & Adam's.  I was surprised and happy to pull an auto though I have to admit I had to look up Giants' TE Jerell Adams.  Hasn't really done much in two seasons but still an autograph is an autograph.  I like the fronts of these cards for the most part.  There is plenty of room for the nice photos and and the translucent borders make it all the more nicer.  There is a small team logo as well.  My issues are the name which is in foil and hard to read except at certain angles.  It scans really well which surprised me but reading them is a challenge.  No player position is also a negative for me but overall the design and photos overcome all that.
 The backs are great with plenty of color, a nice photo (replica of the front), and the standard write-up and stats.  
 There was a RC and insert in each pack including this pennant card which was pretty cool.  I'm not usually a die cut guy but I'm digging this one which is mad of felt.  
I like the Class Reunion and Star gazing insert cards but again the foil is a bit annoying.  Doesn't hurt that each card will go into the personal collections. 
Would have liked seeing more retired greats, maybe one per pack, but I still won't complain.  Love seeing these guys on modern cards.  Yes Manning was only one season away from the game but I liked the Colt's uni and I also pulled Steve Young and Phil Simms.  Wouldn't hesitate to grab more of these if the opportunity came up.  They are nice looking cards.    

BREAKDOWN: 8 Packs X 7 Cards
56 - Total Cards
7 – RC
3 – Retired Legends
2 –Boss Hogs
2 – Air Command
2 – Class Reunion
1 – Star Gazing
1 – Kickoff #/199 (Danny Woodhead)
1 – Pennants
1 – Rookie Signatures #/199 (Jerell Adams)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1985 Atlanta Falcons Team Set

More team sets as I add the 1985 Topps Atlanta Falcons team set to my collection.  The team showcased here went 4-12 in '84.  Williams Andrews, my favorite Falcon of all-time, has a card here but did not play in '84 or '85 due to injury and would only play one more year (1986).  Gerald Riggs took over the rushing duties in a big way gaining over 1400 yards scoring 13 touchdowns and pulling in 42 receptions.  
 Atlanta great Steve Bartkowski shown here as is Stacey Bailey who led the team in receptions and receiving yards.  
We get a Kenny Johnson card but no Billy "White Shoes" Johnson card?  Fail.  Nothing against Kenny who led the '84 team in interceptions.  Greats Mike Kenn and Gerald Riggs show here.  Again action shots are rare in this set but I will say these cards showcase that great red Falcons uni.  The lack of the player's position is also a head scratcher. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

1985 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Set

More team sets and more Creamsicle greatness as I show off the 1985 Topps Tampa Bay team set.  This set highlights the 1984 team that went 6-10 and out of the playoffs.  The team was quarterbacked by Steve DeBerg.  He would eventually cede the positions to Steve Young in '86.  James Wilder had a great year rushing for 1,544 yards and 13 touchdowns while hauling in a team leading 85 receptions.  Kevin House led the team with just over 1,000 receiving yards.  Lee Roy Selmon led the team in sacks and was also a pro bowler along with Wilder.  
This set has a landscape design which isn't a favorite of mine.  No action shots and the cards just seem a bit cramped.  These also don't showcase the unis I love so much.  The only action shot comes from a team card that is ok but not great.  I am happy with having my all-time favorites Kevin House, James Wilder and Lee Roy Selmon in this set.  Not one of my favorite sets but I'll definitely be happy to add this to my Buc's team set collection.  

Friday, March 9, 2018

2015-2016 Hoops Basketball Retail Box

Love this card.  
Grabbed this retail box of 2015-2016 NBA Hoops some time ago and I'm just now getting around to showing it off.  As it is a retail box there are no guaranteed hits but I didn't care.  The price was right for the 240 cards.  These cards have grown on me some since they first came out.  They definitely could have left more room for the photos by making the Hoops logo smaller but I'm still happy.  Retail boxes really are the way to go if you don't have to have autographs.  Don't get me wrong.  I like them of course and do grab hobby boxes but it is like betting right?  You are betting on  nice auto?  Sometimes I like to take out the disappointment of not getting that great auto and just getting cards in bulk and get more cards for less money.  So here is a fraction of my pulls I thought I'd show off. 
I love that this set still had Tim Duncan in it.  
I did get three numbered cards in the form of blue parallels (#/399).  Nothing to crazy but i'll take it.  I liked the Double Trouble Cavs card I pulled.  
Of the seven Swat Team cards I pulled two were of retired legends to include Kareem Abul-Jabbar whom I really enjoy pulling.  
I'm a big John Wall fan so the End 2 End was a great card to pull.  Gordon Hayward before all the free agent hoopla.  
240 Cards (24 Packs X 10)
17 – RC
7 – Swat Team (2 Legends)
6 – Lights Camera Action
4 – Faces of the Future
4 – End 2 End
3 - Blue Parallells (#/399)
2 –Double Trouble

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2017 Topps Bowman Baseball

I've had these 2017 Bowman baseball cards for a while now.  I thought they did a good job with this set and I enjoyed the 2016 Bowman as well.  Fairly simple design with plenty of space for the photos which is great while giving us the basics in the team logo, player and player position.   The base set is only 100 cards so chasing a base set wouldn't seem too tough to do if someone wanted to do that.  Seems like I had trouble finding these after my initial pack purchase.  May have been hot at the time.  I know the Aaron Judge cards made some of the products a hot ticket depending on when they were released.  That is it, just a quick take on these as we are going strong in spring training and the season is just around the corner.      
It is always great when you can pick up your favorite current players so the Altuve card was fun to pull.  I also like the dark blue jersey he is wearing for this card.  
The backs are a bit different with less emphasis on stats and more talk with the Resume, Skills and Up Close descriptive sections.  I've definitely seen worse and it does bring some color and the 2016 and career stat lines.