Tuesday, November 19, 2019

2019-2020 Hoops Basketball with Autograph

2019-2020 Hoops Basketball:  My first pack of Hoops for the year and I grab Zion.  Good start.  The design on these is a good one.  Maybe not great but very solid.  I pulled an auto in this pack which is always a great surprise.  It is Ky Bowman (end of post) who is doing alright in his rookie campaign with the Golden State Warriors.    
  The Zion definitely helps any pull but these three also made this a good pack.  The set is 300 cards strong including the Tribute subset so there are plenty of players to pull.  
The Hoops Tribute cards are where you'll find a mix of retired greats, current stars and rookies.
I usually like the Lights, Camera, Action cards.  This version is one that I'm still warming up to.
The backs are the standard boring backs you normally see with Hoops.  Had to get the Mike Scott card in just for the headband he is rocking.  The Josh Jackson photo is a good one as well.
I like the design this year and was happy with my pack.  A Zion and an auto just sweeten the pot.  I seem to pull quite a few auto from Hoops and this continues that streak.  I look forward to more of these as the year goes on and I am seriously considering picking up one of the Hoops holiday blasters I'm seeing in stores now.

30 – Total Cards
6 – RC
2 – Lights Camera Action
1 – Hoops Tribute
1 – Arriving Now
1 – Retired Great
1 – Teal Explosion
1 – Great Significance Autograph

Sunday, November 17, 2019

2018 Contenders Football Fanatics Exclusive Blaster Box

2018 Contenders Football:  The Blowoutbuzz Blog alerted me to these Fanatics.com exclusive blaster boxes.  As a fan of Contenders I jumped on one.  This blaster has 88 total cards but a relic or auto is not guaranteed like the standard blasters which have only 40 cards in them.  Autographs are still a possibility at one in five of these blasters.  So there is a trade off and you'll have to decide if this works for you.
With the small set size (100) these exclusive blasters can get you well on the way to a complete set.
That also means there are plenty of stars to be had in each pack.
  The defense gets some love as well.
Plenty of great great hands in these three cards.
Plenty of inserts to be had.  That Sony Michel is a ruby parallel.
The Lamar Jackson is a ruby parallel as well and that Legendary Contenders is my first time pulling one of those inserts.  I like them and might chase the set.
  This was a fun box.  I thought my pull was good and with plenty of stars and some nice inserts.  Really glad I picked one of these up.

88 – Total Cards
4 – Round Numbers
4 – Rookie of the Year Contenders
3 – MVP Contenders
2 – Ruby Parallel
1 – Team Quads

Friday, November 15, 2019

1990-1991 Upper Deck Hockey High Series Box

1990-1991 Upper Deck High Series Hockey:  At the card show last month I went a little out of my normal collecting lane and picked up this hockey box. It was Upper Deck's first foray into hockey and they did a great job.  These have a great design and plenty of subsets.  Even though I'm not a knowledgeable hockey guy this was a fun box and I have plenty to show off.  Where else do you start except with Mario Lemieux and The Great One.
And you can't get enough Brett Hull...at least not enough of Brett Hull singing Gloria...
These team checklist art cards are a favorite of mine across all their sets.
As expected Upper Deck has some great photos in this set.  The High Series packs have a mix of all 550 cards from the first series and high cards.
All-Star Game cards with in-game photos are great!
The young players were seen in plenty of subsets including the World Junior Champions, All-Rookie Team, and Draft cards.
Eric Lindros was under an exclusive contract with Score but Upper Deck still managed to get him in on cardboard via the World Junior Championship cards.
Plenty of stars in this set.
Retired Greats were also in the set as part of the Heroes of the NHL subset.  Great inclusion.  There were Award Winner cards as well.  
 The inventor of the Zamboni received some love on cardboard and Wayne Gretzky's card commemorating his 2000th point.
Yet another subset showcasing young players with the Star Rookie cards.  This is a great set. It hits all the marks with a good design, plenty of star power, and lots of variety with the great subsets.  For not a lot of money this was too much fun.  I'm glad I came across this box and might seek out more cheap hockey boxes in the future.
This set also featured the first release of Upper Deck's popular Young Guns cards.  

432 – Total Cards
2 – All-Star Game
23 – Young Guns
22 – World Junior Champions
20 – Heroes of the NHL
17 – Team Checklists
14 – Star Rookie
8 – Award Winners
5 – Number 1 Draft
4 – Hologram
3 - Checklists
3 – All-Rookie Team
2 – Accomplishments
2 – Frank Zamboni

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

1991-1992 Upper Deck Basketball Locker

1991-1992 Upper Deck Basketball Locker:  I've seen these lockers at card shows in the past but I decided to grab one at last months card show in St. Louis.  There were six lockers in the series with mine being #6.  Each had a different photo of Michael Jordan on the side.  This is a great set with Upper Deck nailing it with their first basketball set.  This Drexler has a great photo of Drexler about to lay it in in after what I'd think was him stealing the ball.  Karl Malone is flat footed in the back ground on the other end of the court.
These team checklists are a big highlight of the set for me.  I love the art Upper Deck put on these cards across the different Upper Deck sets.  There were more than one per pack in my pull which seemed out of the norm but I'm OK with that.
A few of the stars I pulled.  Drexler makes another appearance in the Karl Malone card.
A few good rookies in this pack.  Would have liked to have seen Dee Brown doing a dunk.
A few of the NBA Draft cards.  The clothing styles takes me back!
A few personal collection guys.

This is what the lockers look like (not my photo).  I busted an entire box in the past and would probably do it again if given the chance.  I really like this set.
This is the only hologram I pulled but it is of a great player and PC guy.  I was really happy with how this card scanned.  This locker was fun and brought back a lot of fun memories.

84 – Total Cards (12 packs X 7 cards)
25 – Team Checklist
8  – NBA Draft
7 – Rookie Standouts
2 – Checklist
1 – Hologram

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Random Wax: 2016 Contenders Football

2016 Contenders Football:  Been a while since I busted a pack of these.  Not my favorite design from this brand but one that has grown on me the more I see it in hand.  Nice seeing retired greats like Bart Starr in these newer sets.  Oddly enough I think he is the only retired great in this base set which totals 100 cards.
Plenty of stars to be found here.  It stinks to see such a great player like J.J. Watt out for the year due to injury.  The Texans should be contenders at the end of the year but his loss won't help that defense that needs all the help it can get.
To remind everyone those numbers are the player's weight, height in inches, and uniform number.
A fun pack.  I won't hesitate when I see Contenders packs so expect more of this brand in the future.

22 – Total Cards
1 – Touchdown Tandems

Friday, November 8, 2019

Mail Day from The Lost Collector

Approximately 175 awesome Boston Red Sox cards arrived last week from The Lost Collector.  He's a Yankees guy whom I sent some cards and he really outdid himself with all these great cards in return.  Who says Yankees and Red Sox fans can't get along?  Picking a favorite to start off with was hard but I had to go with this 2016 Topps Update David Ortiz All-Star Game card.  An all-time fave in Ortiz during his final year in the game, a great photo, and my love for in-game all-star game photos makes for a great card.
  World Series cards are great when they feature in game photos and ever better when they are from your team.
The cards I received were from all kinds of sets from different years including these of some all-time greats and one who may be on the way to being included in that group.
I always liked Adrian Gonzalez and was excited to see him become a Red Sox.  Unfortunately his time there was short but he was great during his tenor with the team.  Great shot of Tony Pena in his unique catching stance and I love that Triple Play set.
Plenty of David Ortiz with these cards which is awesome.  I like that card design on that Clemens card but not sure about that photo.
Plenty of shiny cards were included.
Pedro and Tim Wakefield are two of my favorite Red Sox players and PC guys.
Ellis Burks and Jim Rice are also right there at the top of my favorite Boston players.
More Red Sox World Series greatness.  I don't take those moments for granted.  That drought before the 2004 Championship was brutal.  You just don't know if and when that next opportunity will come.
I like that Mookie Betts card a lot.  Unfortunately the chances seem slimmer and slimmer that he'll be able to remain in Boston past 2020 if even that long.
I always liked Peavy with the Padres and was happy when he joined the Red Sox and won a championship with them in 2013.
I'm a fan of Kyle Larson (NASCAR) so this is a great card for me.
So many great cards I could have scanned forever.  Thanks again to AJ and make sure you check out his blog at The Lost Collector.