Sunday, June 16, 2019

Trade with The Collective Mind Blog Part 1 - Football Cards

I did a trade with Greg over at The Collective Mind and I use that term loosely because he overwhelmed me with such great cards that included football and baseball.  Today I'll show off some of the football cards which number approximately 172.  Greg did such a good job sending plenty of my Bills and Falcons as well as many PC guys across all different eras and so many different sets. This was truly a fun mail day.  Thanks Greg!

Greg took the time to send PC guys.  I know grabbing individual players can be time consuming and I do appreciate his doing that.

More than a few 1984 cards were in this package and man was I happy to see them.  This is my favorite football set of all-time and just love these cards.  
I did not have any football cards that go back to the early 70's - I do now!  Plenty of cool cards and these are so fun to add to the collection.

  There are so many Falcons and Bills cards that I didn't have.  Oh the memories these cards conjur up.  
Again this is just a small portion of the football cards.  I'll do another post in the next couple days to showcase the baseball cards I received.  Again thanks Greg!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Padrographs Contest Haul

So I along with others won cards in the contest held by Rod over at Padrographs.  I was able to pick up this Troy Tulowitzki Upper Deck Dated Debut card #/999.  I know he has fallen on hard times of late but he sure was fun to watch during his time in Colorado and I was happy to pick up this nice looking card.  But it didn't stop there...
 Rod threw in some "extra" cards which ended up totaling approximately 145 cards which were almost all Red Sox.  So much fun running through all the cards.  Big Papi is one of my favorite Red Sox of all-time so it was fun seeing him well represented.
 Everything from Topps, to Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Topps Archives, Big League Baseball, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, Gypsy Queen, Gallery and more were a part of the package.  Love Pedro and I love Manny being Manny.
Great cards continue to include a certain World Series MVP.  
I really enjoy seeing these greats from years gone by on wax.

Some of the current players and young players in the organization to include my first minor league Red Sox card.

Rod also sent along three wax packs which are always fun to open.  Pedro was the big hit here in one of his first cards.  Again this is a small sampling of Rod's generosity.  Thank you Rod - I love the cards.

Toronto Wins NBA Championship!

The Toronto Raptors are the NBA Champions after defeating the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA Finals 4-2.  I watched a ton of NBA this year and it was so much fun and Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors were a big part of it.  They rolled the dice in the offseason to pick up Leonard and Danny Green for what may be a one year rental.  It worked and was worth it no matter what happens this offseason.  Brilliant move and it's hard not to be happy for this team.  Glad to see long time Raptor Kyle Lowry get to hoist the trophy.  If Toronto hadn't won the series who knows what this team would look like going forward.  Now, no matter what happens, he's a champion and his story is a happy one. It was also fun watching Pascal Siakam, Serge Ibaka, Danny Green and Marc Gasol play big parts in the series or in parts of the series.  

The Warriors were great in defeat.  If they aren't devastated by injuries this series is absolutely different but do they win?  I don't know.  What they showed in defeat is amazing.  It shows how great they are and the heart they have.  At times it was Stephen Curry and Draymond Green against all odds.  Props to the Warriors for another great season and showing what they are made of in these finals.  Quick side note - I listened to Draymond Green's interview after game 6 and he came across so different from what I think of him.  Great interview.  Smart dude.  Changed the way I look at him.

Now the offseason starts which will be wild.  Injuries to two of the top 5 free agents may or may not change the free agent landscape.  Me?  I give Durant and Thompson max contracts, injuries or not.  They are stars of this league and game changers.  I don't hesitate.  I'll be curious to see what teams do.  This year's free agent class is historically great and it should be wildy fun to watch.  The season may be over but the fun is just beginning.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

St. Louis Blues Win First Ever Championship

The St. Louis Blues defeated the Boston Bruins 4-3 in the Stanley Cup Finals last night.  While I am a casual fan I do root for the Bruins.  They played well but in the end couldn't overcome the goaltending and defense of the Blues.  Congrats to Boston on a great season.  I live near St. Louis so I'm far more familiar with them than even the teams I root for (Calgary & Boston).  I know all about the suffering this team has endured in it's 52 year history.  No Stanley Cup for them...until last night. 

Honestly this has been fun to watch.  From listening to the build up with coworkers, TV stations and the radio stations the city has been so excited while you knew they were just waiting for the other shoe to fall.  Losing in the Finals would have been pretty devastating, not "at least we got there".  Seeing everyone celebrate last night, all the long time fans and personalities telling their stories of years of misery, to all the individual stories that go along with anything this special it really is fun to watch.  One special story is that of Laila the superfan who the team has adopted and was there last night for game seven and celebrated on the ice with the team after their victory.  She is 11 years old and has been diagnosed with a rare disease but she been there all along this great journey. 

I would hope any fan from any fan from any sport can appreciate this long road the Blues and their fans undertook.  52 years of existence and no championship!  49 years between Stanley Cup Finals appearances.  The Blues fired their coach in November.  They were in last place in the January!  Rookie goalie.  Gloria.  And now Stanley Cup Champions.  And now that all takes a back seat to the excitement and joy last night's game 7 victory has brought to the fan base and city.  And has it been fun for me to watch.     


Monday, June 10, 2019

Random Wax: 2016-2017 Donruss Basketball

The NBA Finals could be decided tonight with Toronto holding a 3-1 series edge so this topical 2016-2017 Donruss basketball pack seems appropriate.  Kawhi was with the Spurs for this set but he is now on the verge of leading Toronto to their first title in franchise history.  I'm a huge Leonard guy and really hope they can close out the Warriors tonight...not saying I'm putting money on it but I'll be rooting for him and the Raptors.
These guys need no introduction and will play a big part in whatever happens tonight.  You have to just enjoy watching the Warriors and how good they are.  They have hit a road bump against Toronto so far but I never count them out.
Embiid is always a good pull.  It'll be interesting to see what Brooklyn does this offseason and D'Angelo Russell will be a big part of that whether he stays or goes.  Aaron Gordon is a PC guy so another nice card though I'm not a big fan of those Orlando grey jerseys.  This pack yielded a great pull iand a lot of fun.
Nice Hall Kings of Benard King, one of the great scorers of the league.  I still remember watching him drop 60 on New Jersey on Christmas day so many years ago.

Damian Lillard should sign a max extension with the Trail Blazers this year.  I'm excited to see him continue to be the face of the franchise.  While Golden State had Portland's number, and his for that matter, Lillard is a great player and he is fun to watch in a Portland uniform.

30 – Total Cards
7 – RC
1 – Hall Kings
1 – Green & Yellow Parallel

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Basement Find: 1995 Score Football

As part of this week's basement find was around 650 1995 Score Football cards.  Like the '95-'96 Fleer Ultra Basketball cards I have no idea where these came from.  I was not familiar with this set before now but I really like these cards.  The photos are sweet and I had a really tough time deciding on which one to lead with but settled on this Jerry Rice beauty. 
    Elway is an all-time favorite and I really like the photo on this card.  The design is pretty simple letting the photos take up most of the card while still giving us a nice sized team logo.
 Again a great photo with this one being a classic pose of Deion.  Definitely my favorite card of his outside of hin wearing a Falcons uni.  This 49ers jersey is my favorite San Francisco jersey which helps.
   So much fun seeing all the all-time greats in this set.  Again the photos and design really do it for me.
These Star Struck are a subset of the base cards.  Not my favorites as the blank background is "meh" and the close up cropped photos at times made it tough to recognize who the player is.  These are a couple of the better examples.
The Pass Time cards are inserts.  They are shiny gold on the front.  Nice looking cards and the backs are just as good with an additional two photos.
The backs are great showcasing a new color photo and nice stats.  This Irvin and Deion is an example of many of the nice photos to be found on these backs.  Offense Inc is another another insert set which is pretty cool.  Plenty of rookies here with Warren Sapp being the most notable.
  There are checklist cards for the Chase Program cards (inserts) and the base cards.  Both of these have really nice photos on the fronts which is a great bonus as opposed to standard checklists you find so often that have none.  The base card checklists are divided into NFC and AFC checklists with appropriate conference stars on the front.  I don't think I've ever seen that before.
Some of the stars of the day.  1994 was Sterling Sharpe's last season before injury cut his career short.  He was so great and an All-Pro in 5 of his 7 seasons.  
Plenty of defensive greats from the era as well.
I really like how the players take up the majority of the card and photos really stand out.
Wait, what?  Bryan Cox arguing with a referee?  Love those creamsicle unis!  Great photo on that O.J. McDuffie Card.
These were such a great find.  I really enjoy these cards and it was so fun going through them all.

Greatest uni ever!  This was before the stringent helmet rules made it so hard to wear different color retro uniforms.  I so want to see the Falcons wear these again.  There were a few other cards to include subsets and inserts that had players wearing retro unis which is always fun.

650 – Total Cards (Approximately)
64 – Rookie
62 – Star Struck
15 – Checklist
13 – Red Siege
2 – Offense Inc.
2 – Chase Program Checklist
2 – Pass Time

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Basement Find: 1995-1996 Ultra Fleer Basketball Cards

We've lived here now for eight years.  Our house has no garage so our unfinished basement is pretty full with boxes of stuff that hasn't ever been unpacked.  We've started working on cleaning up the basement this week and this is part of the fun I've found.  I have no clue where these 1995-1996 Fleer Ultra basketball cards came from but they are are a fun find and they are in good shape which is never a given.  There were three of these Kevin Garnett rookie cards in the lot which is great.  I've recently added him as PC guy but honestly don't have many cards of his and this is my first rookie card of his.  
The base card design gives plenty of room for the photos but I can't say all the photos are that good.  That Payton is a good one but Hakeem does not look like a dream.  Seems like they could have zoomed out a bit on many of their pictures.  Only thing missing in the design would be the team logo.
 Again many of the photos just don't click for me.  Eddie Johnson is an all-time favorite of mine so I enjoyed finding him in the stack.  I'm sure Glen Rice is about to drain a three.  Could you imagine him in today's game?  He hit quite a few threes back in the day but I think he'd have quite a few more opportunities today.
The Encore subset are my favorites cards from those I found.  While the photos are in the same mode as the base cards these work better for me.  Maybe it is the background being muted in black and white.  I didn't have the base card for PC guy Detlef Schrempf but I'm happy with this Encore of his.
That Hardaway really sticks out.  Camera guy was able to get a full body shot.  Whose Hardaway yelling to?  Mullin?  Richmond?  Sprewell?
These were all inserts.  I like that USA card.  I may chase down more of those.  Stackhouse's Scrapbook seemed an odd choice for a insert set to me but I know he was a big name coming out of college.  Just don't see him scrapbooking...
The backs have not one, but three different photos from those on the front.  They take up a ton of space so the stats are minimized but still I've seen much worse backs.  These are colorful and we get a nice logo.  Speaking of, we see logos on the fronts of the expansion Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies cards which are different in style from the normal set base cards.  Not a bad design and I like how they are differentiated within the set.  The Damon Stoudamire card I really like showcasing that sweet uni.  This was a fun find.  I'll show off some other cards I found later.  Now I'm excited to get back into the basement.  Who knows what else I'll find?
99 – Total Cards
31 - Encore
24 – Rookie
5 – Toronto Raptors
3 – Vancouver Grizzlies
1 – USA
1 – Jam City
1 – Stackhouse’s Scrapbook