Monday, October 10, 2016

1994 Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron

The 1994 Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron cards came in card packs inside twelve packs of soda in 1994.  The cards had NFL stars dressed in costumes for Halloween which is the timeframe I believe these were released.  I've always liked the set though I get it is a niche set. I knew someone who worked at a convenience store back in the day who would give me the packs when they'd empty packs of cans that went in their cooler and was able to assemble a full set.  Not the easiest thing back to do back then.  
There is one star from each team and the costumes vary from very elaborate to "I'l put grass on my head" - see the Bengals' Dan Wilkerson.
Considering the way some of these guys are dressed I'm surprised they were able to get big stars such as Emmitt Smith, Marshall Faulk, Junior Seau, etc. 
The Carolina Panthers and Jacksonville Jaguars were new to the league and didn't have actual players so those teams ended up with art cards.  Again I really like this set for it's uniqueness and fun which we don't see enough of in cards anymore.  I also think about these every October and never get around to posting.  I remembered this year - enjoy. 
 1   Eric The Red (Eric Swann - Ari)
  2   Tarantula (Jesse Tuggle - Atl)
  3   Big Bear (Cornelious Bennett - Buf)
  4   Panthers (Carolina Panthers)
  5   Zorro (Chris Zorich - Chi)
  6   Big Daddy (Dan Wilkinson - Cin)
  7   Bad Bone (Eric Turner)
  8   Lone Star Sheriff (Emmitt Smith)
  9   The Bandit (Steve Atwater - Den)
10   Chillin (Pat Swilling - Det)
11   Ghost (Sean Jones - GB)
12   Scarecrow (Ray Childress - Hou)
13   The Missile (Marshall Faulk - Ind)
14   Jaguars (Jacksonville Jaguars)
15   Attack Cat (Derrick Thomas - KC)
16   Renegade Raider (Chester McGlockton - LA Raiders)
17   The Barbarian (Shane Conlan - LA Rams)
18   Cobra (Marco Coleman - Mia)
19   Runaway Train (John Randle - Min)
20   The Piledriver (Bruce Armstrong - NE)
21   Raging (Renaldo Turnbull - NO)
22   Jumbo (John Elliot - NYG)
23   The Rattler (Ronnie Lott - NYJ)
24   Rocket Man (Randall Cunningham - Phi)
25   Knight Raider (Neil O'Donnell - Pit)
26   Stealth (Junior Seau - SD)
27   Psycho (Tom Rathman - SF)
28   Tez Rex (Cortez Kennedy - Sea)
29   Hyena (Hardy Nickerson - TB)
30   Jackhammer (Hen Harvey - Was)
--   Checklist Card


  1. Cool set. I have a bunch of singles sitting in my insert binders. Every now and then, I'll see a copy in a dime box, which I buy. Maybe one day I'll actually complete it.

    1. Hopefully you will get to complete it. I can't say I ever see these cards around but. Wish I had my doubles from back in the day - could have helped you out. Good luck finding them.

  2. I have a complete set of these factory sealed in the clear plastic case. The case itself has a crack in it but the cards are still sealed in plastic. I am checking on how much if anything would they be worth?