Saturday, December 1, 2012

Georgia Falls to Alabama in SEC Championship Game

The Georgia Bulldogs is my"other" team I have an allegiance to in college sports.  Neither here nor there other than the game tonight hurt.  It took a lot for Georgia just to be in this game and have a shot at Notre Dame in the championship.  I'm happy they were right there to the end but this was a frustrating game.  Alabama ran the ball for 350 yards.  350 yards!  As the announcers pointed out the defensive linemen for Georgia were getting pushed back six to eight yards on running plays.  I could run behind that line.  I'm not sure why Bama ever threw the ball.  4th and 20?  Run it!  No matter the Bulldogs had one final chance.  Great job getting in position to possibly win this game after the 26 yard pass play got them to the Crimson Tide 8 yard line.  But why didn't Georgia spike the ball?  They weren't going to run four plays.  There wasn't enough time.  Let your players take a breath, reset mentally, and call the play you want.  And that poor Georgia kid (Chris Conley) who caught the ball on the last play letting time run out?  I know your brain at that moment isn't processing quick enough to say "drop the ball because time will run out otherwise" but he'll be "that guy".  Again, that is why you spike the ball at that point.  Tough way to end the season.  Georgia is probably relegated to a non-BCS bowl now.  So disappointing.  Still tomorrow I'll know this was a great game.  

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