Saturday, February 2, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Thoughts

Alas my Falcons fell to the 49ers in a tough game.  I really thought Atlanta was going to take that game at the end.  The 49ers played the better game while Atlanta once again fell asleep at halftime and had to battle at the end of the game.  New England played Baltimore tough for a half but the Ravens showed they truly are the better team. 
I think this is a great match up.  Two teams with good offenses but defenses which will probably be the difference in the end.  I won't make you wait.  I'm going with Baltimore.  Joe Flacco has caught some flack in the past but this guy has won a playoff game every year for his five year career and has been to the conference championship three times finally getting over the hump this year to reach the Super Bowl.  How many quarterbacks can say they've done that?  A quick look shows he didn't play great in every game but he outplayed Tom Brady in the Championship game last year and if Lee Evans doesn't drop that touchdown his reputation has a different look to it.  I like what Kaepernick has done for the 49ers but I'm leery of a quarterback starting the ninth game of his career in the Super Bowl.  He has been on a great run but I just don't have the confidence that he can do again on the biggest stage of all. 
The rushing games are about a push for me though I'd say Frank Gore is the better runner while Ray Rice is more dynamic in the passing game.  I think Baltimore's receivers are better but it isn't a big edge.  The 49ers' defense is slightly better but again not a big edge there.  I'm not worried about either punter but kicker David Akers has to be a concern for San Francisco.  He only hit 69% during the regular season and missed again in the playoffs.  Ravens' kicker Justin Tucker is a rookie and has had a great year but again this is the big stage so you never know.  I like both coaches but I tend to think John Harbaugh's experience against the big boys of the AFC may be an advantage.  Jim is no slouch but again the resume just isn't the same. 
So not much of a edge for Baltimore overall in my mind.  I like that they are hot at the right time.  The change of offensive coordinators has breathed new life into that offense and I think they'll see the dividends tomorrow.  I think it will be a close game but to be honest if Baltimore can get a lead and make Kaepernick play from behind they could pull away in the second half.  I'll say Baltimore over San Francisco 27-26. 

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