Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Voted!

While there are definitely millions of others who will vote today I want to note that I voted today.  When younger I was pretty cliché in my varied record for voting.  It is something that is so important and so easy I'm definitely not proud of my spotty past when it comes to casting a ballot.  But all that is behind me.  I make it a priority now and want my youngins to take the task to heart as well.  Tonight I, my wife and two kids all voted.  If asked I'll tell you I'm a Republican but I definitely won't hesitate to vote the other side of the aisle if I believe someone is the better candidate. 

Of course research is the key.  Sometimes that can be hard as much of what is out there pertaining to candidates is biased  That is one reason I've really come to like watching debates and the national conventions come elections for the president.  That way I get it straight from the horses mouth.  No matter who I choose it is always complicated.  There are pros and cons to all candidates so you have to go with your heart. 

No matter why or how someone votes it is just important that they get out.  I'm ok with someone clicking all Democrats or all Republicans.  At least their voice is being heard.  It is easy to dismiss some voters as not having all the facts or being narrow minded.  I am just happy they vote.  We've seen the numbers of voters at all-time lows in recent years and that is worse than my candidates not winning.  So I hope everyone got out today and voted. I'm happy I did. 

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