Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Topps Valor Football Cards

Grabbed some of the 2015 Topps Valor Football cards earlier this month.  I always enjoy the Valor brand of football cards and this year is no different.  Each card has a prominent photo of the player against a smoky colored background in team colors.  The photos have an "art style" look to them.  I can't explain any better but hopefully by looking at them you'll get it.  There is also a nice prominent team logo at the bottom of the fronts.  There are plenty of subsets and I grabbed a Gridiron Warriors and Honor card.  These are very similar to the base cards.  The backs have a nice write-up as well the team logo, player information and some basic stats.  The photos and layout do it for me.   They are just good looking combined with the team colors.  Price point on these are a bit high which has always bummed me out but I guess that is what you get with a "higher end" set.  Again great looking cards which I highly recommend.   

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