Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Swag

It's been a super busy month and with my scanner on the fritz posts have been few and far between.  That said this will be my 100th for the year, a new high for posts in a year.  Christmas was good as always and Santa Claus brought goodies.  The complete WKRP series on DVD and the classic Star Wars Black 6" Stormtrooper were both on my list of gifts I wanted this year.  WKRP has long been a favorite of mine so I'm excited to be able to watch this great series once again.  I love the Hasbro Star Wars Black 6" series of action figures but started too late to have this one in my collection so it was a must have.  Stormtroopers are my favorite character from the movies.
Santa Claus made a surprise visit two days later in the form of two more figures from the Star Wars Rogue One movie - K-2SO and the Death Trooper.  I saw the movie and loved it so these were must haves.  I also nabbed a box of the Topps 65th Anniversary cards which I hope to review soon.  I hope Santa Claus was good to everyone. Have a safe and happy new year.   


  1. Haven't seen WKRP in years. Loved me some Loni. Looks like a solid Christmas haul. Happy New Year!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Archives box here if you post it. Those Star Wars figures look amazing. I've never bought anything like that because I could see it getting out of hand and cards keep me busy enough, but those are tempting!

    1. It is tough managing both. I might have to cut back. We'll see. Happy New Year.