Friday, October 28, 2011

Horror Movie Favorites

For me the definition of a horror movie or the horror genre is not very specific.  So when I talk about horror movies I'll lump in anything from a scary movie, monster movie, slasher flick or even a cartoon or comedy related to those topics.  As such I'll share with you my favorite horror movies.  It is Halloween after all.  It all starts with The Lost Boys.  As with many folks I relate more closely with movies I grew up with and this is a classic example.  For me it had everything - the cool vampires, pretty girl (Jami Gertz was oh so hot), great soundtack, great visuals, and sly humor.  I fell for it all hook line and sinker.  I obviously haven't grown up as it still tops my list.  Kiefer Sutherland was the definition of cool.  Did you see Tina Turner's saxaphone player in the band at the boardwalk playing I Still Believe?

Halloween is next on my list.  The classic 1978 version is a great story that would scare any kid to death...well in the 70's.  The simple look and story of Michael Myers is a great hook.  Throw in scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis and all is good in the world.  I also enjoy the 2007 remake by Rob Zombie so I put it right up there.  Looking at the movie in this list you'd think it might be a little more violent for my taste but all I can say is it works.  The back story really draws me in.
Scream was a movie in which I fell for the story.  I was one of those who didn't see it coming at the end.  Still there was much more to the movie.  The cool visual new visual of the villain Ghost Face and humor woven throughout the movie and the raspy voice that became synonymous with the movie were but a few of the attributest that stick out.  Best scene:  "There are rules!" - watch as the rules of horror movies are explained and played out on screen.  Great theater. 

Mad Monster Party is a Rankin-Bass cartoon utilizing stop motion animation.  It is about a party with monsters - duh.  One of those things you love as a kid and you never let go of it.  I've shown it to my kids over the years and I can't say it plays quite as well to youngins now days but that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for the movie. 

All of the big three universal monsters are no brainers for me - Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein.  I love these movies and don't have any issues sitting through all the spinoffs.  These are truly classics.  I own the legacy gift set which contains them all.  A must if you enjoy these movies.

The Fog has zombie like ghosts terrorizing a small town.  I think this movie is underappreciated for it's time (1980).  The Crow is that movie that has a great storyline and some cool visuals.  I also own the most awesome 18" figure with trenchcoat and the arms down and palms up.  That is such a cool pose.  The Shining isn't a classic horror movie but is very gripping.  You can see yourself going crazy just like Jack Nicholson's character did from a long winter of isolation.  REDRUM REDRUM

Munster, Go Home!, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Young Frankenstein are all examples of the fun you can have with the genre.  These span everything from Frankenstein and his family living in American suburbia, to a sweet transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania, and a dancing monster.  All are great reimagings of classic monsters in a humorous context.  I never tire of these movies. 

The Legend of Boggy Creek - scared the heck out of me as a kid despite the low budget flick it was.  13 Ghosts - Can't say there is one thing that sucked me in but I'll watch it over and over.
Jeepers Creepers - Not sure what I like the most.  The sequel holds up well for me as well. 

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