Sunday, January 29, 2012

2011 Panini Gridiron Gear NFL Trading Card Review

I've been picking up more trading cards of late and I'll definitely touch on them at some time.  This is a hobby I was into heavily when I was younger but now just like picking up a pack or two here and there.  I picked up a pack of Panini's 2011 NFL Gridiron Gear containing 40 cards including the James Laurinaitis at left.  The front of the card has the basics - player name and position, and team name and logo.  The front is ok but I think the bottom of the card with the logo and the name and info to the left take up too much of the card.  You could definitely get more of the photo into the card.  The photos on all the cards are good pictures and again I would like to see more of each.  The back photo has a  portion of the front photo in gray at the top.  The previous years stats and player's total stats, height, weight, birthdate, college, and draft position are also included.  A short narrative on the player is at the bottom.  These cards are nice but are not among the top of those NFL sets I've seen of late.  I don't see myself buying more of this set anytime soon. 

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