Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Avengers Movie Review

I along with a gazillion other folks went to the Avengers movie this weekend.  I am a comic fanboy so I've really been looking forward to The Avengers.  The added bonus was being able to go with my four youngins and beautiful wife.  She's still lost despite the son and I's many inputs trying to help her digest everything going on.  We went to a 3:55 showing yesterday in the small town in which we live.  That means we didn't have to fight the huge crowds in larger venues.  The link below shows just how many folks watched the movie this weekend:

The move itself was very fun.  Not a ton of surprises but you get what anyone could want with lots of fighty fighty.  Thor vs Hulk, Iron Man vs Thor, Loki vs Captain America, bad guys versus everyone, and much more.  What else could you want?  I liked the plot as it wasn't too out there for the average viewer nor too distorted as to make a comic book fan leave the theater wondering "what were they thinking".  Each character received plenty of screen time to include the more minor characters of Black Widow and Hawkeye allowing time to provide them some back story.  Many good one liners as you'd expect.  My favorite scene is the Loki-Hulk fight near the end of he movie.  I won't spoil it with details.

Not a perfect movie but I think the large majority of those wanting to see the movie will enjoy it.  Won't be too many folks leaving disappointed.  Someone smarter could dive into the nuisances of the movie but I'm not the smart one.  For me The Avengers was entertaining and I highly recommend it to everyone.   

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  1. I think that was a great boys and I watched it and loved almost every minute. Agree on the Loki-Hulk scene...perfect. In fact, all of the Hulk scenes were great. Surprising for a character that had no lines.

    They avoided the problem of having too many characters and not enough air time. Everyone had a part to play and everyone played their part. You would have to really be picky to leave this movie disappointed.

    Also, stay past the credits...there's two shorts, one before and one after the credits.