Saturday, January 5, 2013

NFL Playoff Picks - How did I do?

In September I wrote a quick preview of the NFL season.  In that post, which you can see here, I did my best swami immitation and picked the playoff teams as I thought they'd play out.  Here they are:

NFC - Division Winners: Philly, Green Bay, Atlanta, San Francisco
Wild Cards: New Orleans, Detroit
AFC - Division Winners: New England, Baltimore, Houston, Denver
Wild Cards: Kansas City, Pittsburgh
Super Bowl: Green Bay vs Baltimore
All this shows you is I won't get paid to do this for a living anytime soon.  I did pick three division winners in the NFC but whiffed on Philly, New Orleans and Detroit.  The AFC played out a little better for me.  I nailed all four division winners but again didn't get either of the wild card teams correct. 
In the Super Bowl I had Green Bay and Baltimore.  While I think Green Bay has a very good shot of getting to the Super Bowl I now have Baltimore behind Denver and New England if I was ranking the playoff teams.  If asked today I think we get Denver and Atlanta in the Super Bowl with Denver winnign a close game.  I would love to see that but of course would want to see my Atlanta Falcons come out on top. 

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