Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NFL Playoffs

I've got a few minutes and I need to talk about the NFL playoffs.  I'm excited to say the least with Atlanta being the #1 seed in the NFC and they are playing well enough to be the NFC's representative in the Super Bowl.  Overall I'm leaning towards a Denver-Atlanta Super Bowl with Denver winning.  I hate thinking that but I'm not sure Denver is the same team that lost on Monday night to the Falcons early in the year.  It would be great to see a rematch of the 1999 Super Bowl when Denver blew out the Falcons.  And I'd love to see Atlanta do the blowing out this time. 
The other teams I see as contenders are New England in the AFC and the 49ers and Packers in the NFC.  No offense to Houston but they have too many holes as do the Ravens so this should come down to Denver and New England.  San Francisco and Green Bay can give Atlanta a run any day of the week so I wouldn't enjoy seeing either in the championship game.  Seattle is a good story but I don't see it having the legs to get them far in the playoffs. 
But I am getting ahead of myself.  This weekend's games will go along way to how this all plays out:
Cincy-Hous - I think Cincy wins this game.  Something about both teams has changed since earlier in the year with Cincy rising and Houston falling.  Can't put my finger on it but I like the Bengals to advance.
Colts-Ravens - I so want to take Indy here but I'm going to go with the veteran Ravens in a close game.  But it would be great to see Luck battle Manning in the playoffs wouldn't it?
Vikings-Packers - Green Bay is home and will win.  May not even be a close game.  Aaron Rogers will have a big day as Green Bay rolls.
Seahawks-Redskins - This is a great match up and I'm not sure where to go with it.  I have a feeling Seattle will run all over the Redskins defense but RGIII will still have a good day.  I'm thinking this is a close game but the Seahawks move on to face Atlanta. 

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