Sunday, April 21, 2013

NBA Playoffs

I want to look at the playoffs and give a few thoughts going in.  The Saturday games have already played so some of this may sound a little skewed.  I'll start with my Hawks. Atl-Ind - Atlanta gets Indiana in the first round.  Indy is a defensive team that as a collective play very well.  Atlanta can score but I'll be curious how Al Horford handles Roy Hibbert.  Hibbert hasn't had his best year but he can still be a force down low when he gets on a roll.  I'm thinking this will be a wash.  Neither team has an outstanding point guard (Atl - Jeff Teague/Ind - George Hill).  I like having "that guy" who can be counted on to run an offense especially when there isn't stars to make up for the lack of an established ball handler.  Power Forward David West is having a good year and the match up with Josh Smith should be a good one.  West plays a little more low post so Smith will have to play good defense.  I hope Smith remembers his is a 4 not a 3.  He can play smaller but I think Atlanta needs him to play big this series.  Atlanta is a better shooting team than the Pacers.  Their only hope is to hit outside shots which will open up play for Horford and Smith.  Again the Pacers play good defense so that could be asking a bit much.  I'll take Atlanta in five games. 
Mia-Mil - I'm sure Milwaukee will show up for this series but nobody might ever know.  Miami in three.
Chi-Bkn - I actually like the Bulls in this one though the Nets won game one.  I'll still with my original thoughts and take Chicago in five. 
Bos-NY - While this isn't the Boston of three years ago this should be a great series.  I like Rivers as a coach but even dinged up I think New York and Carmelo Anthony will prevail in four games. 
OKC-Hou - I think Houston will steal one game here but this shouldn't go more than four games.
LAL-SA - Best breakdown you'll get of this series is here done by my buddy Yaj.  You'll also see my comments.
GS-Den - I love Golden State but they'll disappoint once again.  They've already dropped one game and Denver truly is the better team.  I'll say Nuggets in four.
Mem-LAC - Great series here.  Clips are already up one but I wouldn't be surprised if this goes five.  Still Los Angeles will come out on top. 
I'll look into my crystal ball now and tell you how it all the way my crystal ball has a 99% degree failure rate...  I don't think anyone truly challenges Miami in the East and they should beat New York handily to get to the finals.  Oklahoma City will narrowly make it past LA to get to the conference finals against the Spurs who are rejuvenated by Gionobli's return.  This year the Spurs take care of business and return to the finals.  While I'll be rooting for Duncan to win his fifth ring Miami will win it all. 

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