Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Yes I'm a little late...

The holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas have been great.  I've been pretty busy this month so there have been a lack of posts.  But again I've enjoyed the holidays.  For Thanksgiving we did pizza since our oven is broken.  That was a great idea until I started checking on pizza places that may be open on Thanksgiving.  None were.  Finally I remembered Casey's General Store made pizzas and they were open.  Great pizza and we all enjoyed even if it wasn't the traditional holiday dinner.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving I ran the local 5K which is run every year just prior to the Christmas parade.  I enjoyed the run and the parade as well which we watched from our front porch.  Living on the main road in town the parade runs right in front of the house which is great.  Our neighbor came over with his mother to watch the parade with us and the youngins gathered all the candy thrown from the floats and vehicles.  We love our small town we live in and the parade is a great reflection of our cozy little city. 

We had Christmas three times this year as my youngins came from out of town on Christmas Eve to get their presents, we had the traditional Christmas morning opening of presents, and then our oldest surprised us by showing up later in the morning with her fiancé to open their gifts.  You can never celebrate Christmas too much can you?  Well you probably can but we had a great time.  Santa Claus was good to me as I picked up the Hot Wheels Batman 75th anniversary collection, a laptop lap desk which I'm using right now, and an Overlook Hotel shirt (from the movie The Shining). 

I hope everyone else's holidays were good and that your upcoming New Year is just as fun.  I'll do some further posts showing my Christmas swag. 

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