Monday, June 22, 2015

Jurassic World Review

A big part of my father's day weekend was getting to see the Jurassic World movie with the youngins yesterday and I really enjoyed this movie.  I had heard nothing but good things going in from friends who had already viewed the movie.  Online reviews were a little more spotty but I take those with a grain of salt. This was just a good entertaining movie.  Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star in this record breaking sequel to the Jurassic Park franchise.  The movie has a quick pace and lets you get right into it without making you sit through a ton of setup.  With a franchise already in place we didn't need to get spun up anyway.  SPOILER ALERT:  There may be some spoilers in my review.  They should be minor but might still give away something important.  Howard plays the too busy in-charge park executive to Pratt's rough and tumble animal tamer.  After all heck breaks loose she calls on Pratt to help find her lost nephews who have come to the park at the very wrong time.  The park itself is very believable in a world with dinosaurs and is fun to see what they've created.  When the new bigger badder dino gets loose people die and the bad guys swoop in to save the day.  Of course that doesn't work with Pratt and and Howard's characters left to clean up the mess.  They can't do it single handed and must enlist some major muscle to help out.  

The plot, acting, nor script will win this movie any awards but they don't need to.  This movie does what it is supposed to and entertains.  The two hours go by quickly and you find yourself just enjoying yourself.  I really got a kick out of the references to the original Jurassic Park movie.  This includes seeing what is left of parts of the original amusement park and and the velociraptors and the star himself, T-Rex. Again their are some plot holes or things that make you wonder but they pale in comparison to what is just a good movie.  I think most people will enjoy it as it spans generations from those of us who thrilled at seeing the original in theaters to kids who will get their own opportunity to see dinosaurs on the big screen.  I highly encourage everyone to see this movie if they get the chance.  

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