Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hawks Swept by Cavs to End Their Season

The Atlanta Hawks season ended as they were swept from the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Not surprising but I was really hoping they'd win one game.  It wasn't to be.  Now they have to look at what they need to do this offseason.  DeMarre Carroll and Paul Milsap are free agents and this is where Atlanta will need to start.  How much are they willing to pay Milsap who might be getting a max contract.  Carroll has big upside and will also get big money.  And the contracts they give out will also be key as big free agents look to hit the market after next year.  This is important to the Hawks' future and ability to possibly sign one of those major free agents.  There are also some bigs on the market this year.  Does Atlanta try to woo one of them instead of Milsap?  Maybe even sign a true center and allow Al Horford to play power forward which is what he really is?  The Hawks must also look at adding depth and of course what team doesn't need more.  The draft could be that avenue.  I'm thinking a wing to help out Carroll and Korver. 

My personal feelings are the same as many others.  I worry that this team doesn't have that guy they can count on in crunch time or even carry the team when need be.  I know people will say this team doesn't need it but when they weren't gelling as a collective unit I sure wanted that one guy you could give the ball to and think he could get ya points.  Teams figured out they could shut down Korver by just staying with him and it really stifled what the Hawks had done so well all year.  Don't get me wrong.  I was very excited about how the Hawks played this year.  But I'm not sure they are built well to succeed long term.  I don't think they need to turn over the entire roster but they do need some tweaking.  I'll be curious to see what they do this year and I'm excited to what next year might bring. 

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