Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 Donruss Football

Grabbed a retail blaster box of the 2016 Donruss Football.  I really liked the cards last year so I went whole hog right off the bat with this set.  There were a total of 88 cards in 11 packs.  I like the design and enjoyed my pull. 

The fronts have the Donruss logo, player's name, position, and team at the top on a team colored background.  The border around the photo is in the same color but is broken up in stripes on the sides in appropriate team colors.  The picture takes up the rest of the front with the exception of the team logo in the bottom right of the photo.  Small touch but I like it.
I really like the backs which are done in team colors.  A football surrounds the card number and the team logo is done in black and white.  There is a player write-up as well as the 2015 and career stats for the player as well as additional player information (birthday, height, weight, college).  I love the retro feel of the back of these cards.  The first time in a long while I've liked the back of a card this much. 
As for the pull I'm very happy.  I only grabbed three Falcons and two Bills players but there were plenty of stars in this box so I can't complain.  I love the retired players with the Steve Grogan and Archie Manning cards being the highlight for me.  The Gridiron Kings cards are one of my favorites.  I pulled DeMarco Murray which didn't thrill me any but it is still a nice card. I also grabbed a Megan Fox "Fans of the Game" card but was really hoping for a Daisy Ridley card but it wasn't to be. I like the "Production Line" card of Cam Newton as it harkens back to the old League Leaders cards.  The one relic card was a Jonathan Williams Rookie Phenom Jersey Relic card.  Not the greatest pull but he is a Bill so I'm good.  The other subsets and inserts were ok but didn't stand out.  There were still plenty of the inserts I didn't get but would love to.  They did a great job on this set - I would have enjoyed grabbing some of the others.  Check out the expansive checklist.  Bottom line is I like this set quite a bit and will definitely grab more. 
88 - Total Cards
84 - Base Cards (1 - Press Proof, 7 - Rated Rookie <1 Press Proof>, 5 - RC, 5 - Retired players)
1 - Rookie Phenom Jersey Relic
1 - Gridiron King
1 - Production Line
1 - Fans of the Game

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