Monday, July 3, 2017

Paul George Traded to Oklahoma City Thunder

Paul George was traded this weekend to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.  What a steal for the Thunder.  While it is doubtful George resigns with the Thunder, they didn’t really give up anything.  I like Oladipo but was surprised that he couldn’t average more than 15.9 points per game in an offense that lost Kevin Durant.  This was a perfect opportunity for him to step up and it didn’t happen.  Sabonis was a rookie last year who didn’t put up very good numbers (5.9 PPG/3.6 RPG 39% FG%) but is still young at 20 years old.  The Indiana Pacers were in a horrible spot and it was getting worse by the day.  Still, you had to think there was a better trade out there somewhere.  Hopefully Oladipo and Sabonis thrive in Indiana and it is a moot point. 

What does OKC get out of the deal?  Three things.  They show Russell Westbrook, a free agent after this season, they are working to make the team more competitive.  They have a better chance of resigning Paul George where they had a very slim chance of landing him in 2018 free agency before the trade.  And the Thunder mustbe viewed as the possible number two team in the Western Conference.  The Spurs have not done anything to get better, Houston did Chris Paul but Clippers are not expected to be as good next year.  You have to think a team with basically just Russel Westbrook that won 47 teams last year has a shot with George.  Are they are a threat to the Warriors?  No.  But if they could make it to the Conference Finals this would be a huge win.  A lot of basketball games between now and then and then they have to hope they can keep one or two of their superstars.  Still this was a very good trade for the Thunder. 

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