Sunday, July 30, 2017

War Machine Movie

War Machine is the 2017 Netflix movie that centers on General Glen McMahon who takes over the war in Afghanistan.  This is a satirical look at General Stanley McChrystal who took charge of the Afghan war in 2009.  Pitt’s character, while sincere in his belief that the war can be won, doesn’t always utilize great judgement.  McMahon and his staff try their best but it is a losing cause that is ultimately doomed when Rolling Stone is allowed to follow them for a story.  Laying out the details of their private conversations leads to McMahon’s firing.  This movie lays out all the issues leaders must deal with in the political and military minefields when navigating the different arenas .  Brad Pitt, Ben Kingsley (Afghanistan President) and the rest of the cast do a very good job.  The movie is enjoyable and while it is maybe not as based in comedy as you might be led to believe it still delivers an entertaining movie. 

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