Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2011 Topps Opening Day Baseball Hobby Box Break

I didn't reconnect with card collecting until late 2011 so I missed out on the 2011 Topps Baseball Opening Day Cards.  I did however get into the 2011 Topps Football cards, and those in fact were my first post on trading cards.  Over time I've come to like this design even more.  The photos on the cards are also first rate, a trait I've seen consistently with Topps cards.  This all led me to grab a hobby box for some fun.  The box had 36 packs with seven cards per pack.   
 I like the Opening Day cards due to the reduced checklist size as well as a good price point.  I know some don't care for them due to the lack of real hits but I like them. The memories are also a big part of boxes like this.  Seeing what players that were once big as compared to today or seeing players on different teams.  All part of the fun.  
There were plenty of inserts.  My favorites were the Superstar Celebrations and Presidential First Pitch cards.  These add a nice variety to the set as a whole.  I really enjoyed these cards and given the chance to get more I'll definitely do it.  It was fun to grab a box from the past that I've never been able to experience before.  Great stuff.

252 - Total Cards
9 - Superstar Celebrations
7 - Blue Parallels
6 - Topps Town
6 - Presidential First Pitch
6 - Spot the Error
5 - Opening Day Date Stamped
4 - Under the Lights
3 - Opening Day Stars (3D)


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