Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Committee Super Bad

I won't jump into the political ring often in my blog but I will from time to time.  I feel compelled now because it warrants not only my anger but that of every American.  I'm speaking of the failure of the super committee to enact cuts in the federal budget to keep automated cuts from being enacted.  Congress is paid to do a job.  They increasingly fail to do what is asked of them.  In this case they had to find cuts in the federal budget.  No easy task so the "Super Committee" was formed to take on the task.  All they did was fail.  They even admitted it.  Because of that $1.2 trillion dollars in automatic budget cuts will be enacted in 2013 whether good, bad or indifferent to the overall fiscal health of the country.   

I'm not opposed to our system of government at all.  But I am opposed to a system that allows those serving in the government to not do their job.  We see this every year as they threaten a government shut down when they can't come to an agreement on the annual budget and deadlines are pushed back with federal spending is put in limbo.  We again saw this with the super committee but without the ability to push back the deadline they failed. 

How can we accept this?  They said they failed yet they still work on?  If you or I, or even a group within a large corporation, are given a specific task and deadline and fail we could expect repercussions, serious ones at that that might include firing if we continue to do so.  You'll say congress can be voted out of office but waiting until elections only means they can continue to fail.  My bottom line is we shouldn't accept it.  They were given a job and failed.  There should be some way in which we can get rid of elected officials who continue to fail.  Our country pays for these inadequacies with no way of ensure congress is accountable.  I don't know how we continue this to go on.  Why this may have tipped me to speak out but the frustration has been growing for years.  I hope that at some point we can change the way business is done in congress but I don't see anyone championing massive overhauls in how business is done. 

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