Saturday, March 31, 2012

2011-2012 Panini Hoops Basketball Card Review

I purchased a pack of 2011-2011 Hoops basketball cards which are now a Panini brand.  There were 5 cards in the pack and I the price was $1.99.  So while the price is cheap you really don't get to take much home.  The front of the cards remind you of the classic Hoops designs of old.  Not a band design but it is a little bland for my taste.  There is also quite a bit of white space on the front of each card which is nothing more than wasted space.  The front of each card contains the NBA Hoops logo with the player's name and team name.  I like seeing team logos but I won't hold that against them.  Also missing is the player's position. 

On the back is the missing logo and position as well as a paragraph with recent highlights.  Height, weight, birthdate, round drafted, and college are also included.  The stats include the last four seasons as well as a career total line.  At first I was happy to see a small picture of the player until I discovered it was just a smaller version of the photo on the front. 

Overall I think this set is pretty underwhelming.  I didn't receive any inserts but looking at the reviews online there are some very nice cards.  While I won't be buying any more cards at my local store I will be looking for those inserts online.  Below are a few looks at the set that might help. 

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