Sunday, April 15, 2012

2010-2011 Paninin Rookies and Stars Basketball Cards

Picked up a pack of these cards today and I'm glad I did.  I've never seen them before but thought what the heck?  The card front has a "decorative" background with the player photo in the forefront.  I'm normally not a fan of cards like this but this design is something I like.  The series logo is in the upper left and the team logo is in the upper right.  The player's name goes vertical on the left side of the card while his position is also vertical in the bottom right of the card.  Not sure exactly what catches my eye on these cards but the players and the team colors really stand out against the muted black and white background.  
The backs once again have a muted background with a portion of the photo from the front in black and white at the top.  Color in the form of the team's primary color is added for a splash.  Included are the players stats from the last year and the player's career totals.  Height, weigh, birth date, draft position and college are just above that.  Below the stats is a paragraph about the paragraph that I found not to be the normal shtick.  Not saying you this is Pulitzer prize material but just a little bit different.  Would have liked to have seen a different photo on the back as well as stats from additional years but otherwise it is a solid looking back.

The only insert was a Kobe Bryant card from a series that featured him.  I wasn't impressed.  It had two words on the front that took up 75% of the card leaving little room for his picture.  Nothing special.  The rookie cards were posed shots as opposed to the action shots for other players.  I really like these cards.  Sometimes I can't pinpoint exactly why but I'll definitely pick up some more. 

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