Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Weekend

I'm a little late on this but Easter weekend was a fun weekend for us and I just wanted to share.  Friday was a day for errands but still fun as I got to hang out with my daughters who live with their mom about a half hour away.  They were up for the weekend.  We celebrated the 17th birthday of our 3rd oldest daughter that Saturday.  We ate out at Olive Garden which didn't disappoint.  Afterwards we did the presents and cake and ice cream which no one is ever hungry for after the large birthday meals.  A tradition gained when I married my wife is we hide the birthday presents and the child whose birthday it is then searches for them as their brothers and sisters do the hot/cold thing.  Kinda corny but they still get a kick out of it as they've gotten older.  Our daughter is headed to Florida with the school band this week so we stuck to money for her gifts which is something I'm not a fan of.  I love finding gifts the youngins have asked for but I think they'll love.  The kids all ended up at movies late Saturday night but otherwise we just hung out. 

For Easter the kids were up by mid-morning.  They then did the egg search thing.  Yes even at their ages - the oldest was 20 youngest 11.  They each got an Easter basket with tons of candy and a nice gift.  I did have some leeway on the gift so that was fun.  Just a wonderful time.  Maybe nothing too special but we really did have a great weekend and I couldn't keep it to myself. 

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