Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Joey Votto Signs 10-Year $225M Extension

Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds signed a 10-year $225M extension.  This came up in the office today and some saw it as too much.  I don't agree.  Votto is 27, already won and MVP trophy, has a career .313 batting average and .405 on base percentage, and has hit 24, 25, 37 and 29 homers the last four seasons while attaining 100 plus RBI's in two of those seasons.  I think teams are smart to lock up players while they are young giving them a core to build around in the future.  Pittsburgh has done that to some extent and teams that don't will continue to have rosters that are traded away ala Kansas City (I have love for KC but it is so true).  Waiting until Votto hit the free agent market in two years would only mean Cincy would have to pay more.  All the more reason to lock him up now.  The Reds payroll last year was 19th at $76M so this is a big signing for them.  Assuming he doesn't get injured or otherwise fall off the face of the earth I think this contract will look good in 10 years when who know how much those big bats at first base will be getting.  And for the record he is receiving just about $1M less per year then Prince Fielder got with his big payday.  Bottom line - good job Reds.   

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