Monday, May 25, 2015

Atlanta Hawks Down 0-3 to Cavaliers in Conference Finals

The Atlanta Hawks are now down three games to none after a tough loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers last night.  The game was exciting but none the less a loss.  Considering the starting lineup that Cleveland is having to play with this really is disappointing.  Both teams are dealing with injuries but Atlanta is just not playing well.  That is the bottom line.  While Kyle Korver is a big loss he was not the shooter we saw in the regular season only hitting 36% from the arc in the playoffs, 39% overall.  DeMarre Carroll has struggled the last two games while he is tasked with guarding, and being guarded by, LeBron James.  Millsap is not the same and while Teague has had some good games I wouldn't count last night as one of them.  Yes he had 30 points but it was on 9-23 shooting (to his credit he had zero turnovers).  The Hawks are not playing at the same level that took them to 60 wins during the regular season.  And as banged up as the Cavs are they can't overcome LeBron without playing well as a team.  That is something that has escaped them so far in the playoffs.  History says they will not come back from this deficit.  They played hard in game three which is a good thing.  I was worried they'd come out flat in Cleveland.  I hope they get one win and can take this back to Atlanta.  It has been a great season and I'd hate for it to end with a sweep. 

Quick note on the Houston - Golden State series.  This is one where Houston has to be kicking themselves.  They had two close games at Golden State and they had to believe they could turn things around at home.  The game they had in game three sealed their fate.  It is a shame.  I really thought this could go six games.  I still think Golden State wins it all.  They are relatively healthy for this time of the year and continue to click on all cylinders. 

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