Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Atlanta Hawks Team Set - 2013-14 Panini Basketball

Time to look at another of the Atlanta Hawks team sets.  This one is the 2013-14 Hoops.  I was excited because the package stated "Find 1 Bonus All-Star Card Inside!".  There was no all-star card.  Bummer.  There were a total of eight cards in this pack.  The cards are pretty nice with most photos taken at the hoop.  The team logo set against a hardwood pattern is nice.  The Kyle Korver card is my favorite with him just prior to a game.  The fronts are ok but again they are missing the player's position.  The backs start the "no color on the backs" era for Hoops cards.  Bad. Look it doesn't have to look like a rainbow but it would be nice to have some color...ANY color.  Otherwise the backs are fine sticking closely to past designs.  Overall I like the cards but that is mostly due to the fronts 

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