Monday, October 10, 2016

Flea Market Sports Card Finds

Can't say no to Dr. J and the fro nor could I to a Seth Curry card. 
Visited a local flea market a few months back.  It isn't near a large city so it is mostly small town stuff but I was pleasantly surprised to find a guy selling cards.  I only picked up a few and didn't pay much of anything for the lot but found some players I like. 

Don't pass up LeBron cards when I get the chance.
All-time Fave Yaz and Paul Molitor


  1. Any flea market with cards is a quality flea market. Around here... I never see Curry base cards for reasonable prices. It's probably because dealers around here have no problems getting $1 to $2 from Warriors fans.

    1. Yes Curry cards at a reasonable price are almost impossible to find. The combination of being out in the country and not being in an NBA market probably helps the availability up.