Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Panini Absolute Football Cards

2016 Panini Absolute Football Cards - Grabbed a pack of these cards.  They were $4.99 for 20 cards.  I little on the expensive side for me but I was pleasantly surprised.  I always prefer the cards with regular photos and backgrounds but I like these.  Just something about them draws me in. 
The backs are nice too.  Nothing spectacular but they are colorful and have a nice design to me. 
The two inserts I grabbed were a Red Zone and Unsung Heroes card.  All the rest were base cards.  Still the base cards had plenty of stars so I walked away happy.  Again nice cards and I will search out singles from this set. 

20 - Total Cards
18 - Base Cards
1 - Red Zone
1 - Unsung Heroes

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