Sunday, October 2, 2016

2016 Panini Prestige Football Cards

I didn't realize I had already reviewed this way back in June.  So here is a second look at this set.  I liked it then and still do which is good.  The front is borderless with the player's name and team logo at the bottom and the Prestige logo at the top.  This left plenty of room for the photos which is always a good thing.  I do think they have plenty of room to add the player's position at the bottom which would have been nice.  The backs have some color with a good sized team logo over a duplicate of the front side player photo in black and white.  Player info, a short write-up and 2015/career stat lines are also included on the backs.  Not bad at all.  Pretty good pull with the highlight being Peyton Manning.  Could do without the parallel Green Xtra Points cards.  They really don't do anything for me.  I received the base and the Xtra Point Devonta Freeman cards and show them below.  The Alma Maters card of Troy Aikman is a nice looking card.  Also grabbed a Hardwear, Blue Chip Recruits, and Passport insert.  Would have liked a few more retired player cards but I still liked what pulled.  Again I like the set and wouldn't be averse to picking up more especially at the price point.
40 - Total Cards
35 - Base Cards (4 - RC, 4 - Xtra Point Green)
1 - Alma Maters
1 - Hardwear
1 - Blue Chip Recruits
1 - Passport

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