Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Last week, we also visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  Another fun time.  It doesn’t quite stand up to the Pro Football Hall of Fame but is great none the less.  It has the feel of a rock hall of fame from the music to the lighting and even the smell.  The building is a site and is pretty cool in of itself.  The hall starts at the beginning bringing you up to the present with all the greats throughout the years.  There were many early artists I wasn’t familiar with but it is always fun to learn more of the history.  There are also video displays throughout which I enjoyed as well as the different outfits, historic artifacts and fun bits of history.  A great place to visit with lots of fun to be had.  I’ve thrown up some random pictures of different displays that caught my fancy – the ZZ Top car was definitely the highlight for me.   
The Hall

ZZ Top

Me with Metallica

The Doors
Metallica Set Props

Not sure why they had a display but hey I wasn't going to pass up taking a picture.


  1. Nice. One day I hope to make it out to Cleveland to check this place out. Did they happen to have a display for the Beastie Boys?

    1. They did have a Beastie Boys display but I didn't take a pic. Seemed like it was some clothes, a record and other memorabilia. Don't remember the specifics but they were there. Hopefully you'll get your chance. You'll enjoy it.