Friday, March 22, 2013

Four Days...No Internet/No TV - I Survived!

This week the wife and I headed to a local lake for four nights.  It was an early wedding anniversary present to ourselves.  The cottage we stayed at was nice.  A single unit to itself, our back porch looked directly out onto the lake.  The picture above was taken Wednesday morning at sunrise from our porch.  We had everything you could ask for.  Satellite TV, stove, gas fireplace, frig, indoor bathroom and great view.  So we weren't hurting.  Before going out we knew there'd be no internet access so the laptops stayed home.  For the TV we decided we'd use it for the music channels and the weather channel.  That was it.  And I survived! 

While I'm the first to admit I can tie myself down to the TV or laptop I'm also not one who can't live without each.  I love to read but do have issues trying to work reading into my schedule.  We did a great job getting out each day and eploring trails.  Still I was able to finish two books in our time at the lake.  Truth be told if I have books to read I could do that for much longer.  I will admit I lingered on the weather channel a few times allowing myself to watch their random reality fair as opposed to just their forecasts.  But still that was minimal and we had a great time.  I did have some catching up to do tonight when I finally "reconnected" with the world again.  What news did we miss and of course I had to catch up on sports.  Still was a great week and I'm very glad my wife "disconnected" us from the grid.  I highly suggest everyone try it next time they get a chance.   

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