Friday, March 8, 2013

Website Review: Major Spoilers

This is my first website review.  I'm doing it for mostly selfish reasons.  I want to share the site with others because of how much I enjoy it.  I don't remember exactly when I found the site but have been going to it for at least four to five years now.  The site centers around comic books but also touches on the pop culture world as it pertains to nerdom.  I think they do a great job with reviews of comics, news and podcasts.  They don't just keep to the big two when it comes to comics, DC and Marvel, and also have a website devoted to the smaller comic companies called Minor spoilers.  They do multiple podcasts with the Major Spoilers podcast anchoring everything with a dueling reviews podcast and a podcast specific to gaming also mixed in.  To top it off the folks running the site do it as a second job.  To that end they rely on advertising and donations to help run the site.  Again I can't say enough about this site and how much I enjoy it.
To be honest I haven't actively read comics in some time but that should tell you how much I enjoy the website.  I do intend on reading actively again when life settles down and Major Spoilers has been a great bridge until I do.  Bottom line is this is a great site with excellent content.  Anyone who enjoys comics should have this site book marked at the top of their list.   Below are links to get you there:

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