Monday, February 15, 2016

2015-2016 Panini Prizm Basketball Cards

I'm not a Prizm or shiny card guy so please take this for what it is worth.  I grabbed a multi-pack pack of the 2015-2016 Panini Prizm basketball cards.  For $9.98 I got 15 cards including 3 red, white and blue parallels.  So the price point is the first thing I don't like.  That isn't much for what you pay.  Of course if I liked the cards more I'd probably be more on board.  I get it.

That said these aren't bad cards.  The photos are good and the front design pretty decent.  The back is also a plus for me. While you only get the standard Panini one year of stats, it is colorful and not hard to look at.  The pull itself wasn't great but livable.  It was my next to last pack before I really got a true star and that was when I pulled a Kevin Durant base card and a Russell Westbrook All-Star Game card.  So out of 15 cards that is ok.  I also pulled one rookie card (RC) and two throwbacks (Dennis Rodman and Dino Radja).  Dino Radja? He was a solid player who averaged 16 and 8 for his career but he seems a stretch for inclusion in this type of subset. 

If you like the shiny Prizm type cards I think this will be something you'd like. For me I'll pass but I did want to give it a try and also try to be fair about it. 

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