Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2015-16 Panini Complete Basketball Cards

Picked up the 2015-2016 Panini Complete basketball cards.  This set is a low end alternative for card collectors and it shows.  The card stock is very thin.  That said this isn't a bad set.  I definitely prefer it over the Hoops cards from this year.  The design is pretty simple but I like the colored borders matching the team colors, nice team logo and name.  Simple and nice looking even if the player's position is missing.  The "Complete" product logo is also a little large but overall a nice card.  I pulled a Court Vision insert as well as a gold and a silver parallel card.  The silver parallel was OK but I didn't care for the gold one that much.  Silver parallels are one to each pack but the gold are one to every 36 packs so the gold parallel was a nice surprise.  I was happy with my pull as Stephen Curry, John Wall, Anthony Davis and LaMarcus Aldridge were among my cards.  I also had a few rookie cards. 
The backs weren't bad with a nice sized color team logo, player information, a write-up and stats from last year.  Considering how bland the Hoops' backs are these are great.  Ok maybe the color logo isn't that big a game changer but I still like the backs much better than what Hoops gives us.  If you are ok with a thin stocked card you should definitely check this set out.  

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