Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fall 2015 Memorabila Show Finds Part 3 - Football Cards

Great cards. Topps Valor always has sharp looking cards and add Deion Sanders to the mix and it only gets better.  Julio will probably sit on top of the all-time great receivers in Falcons history list once he retires.  And a nice Steve Bartkowski card from Panini.
These are some of the football cards I picked up from the show. A mix of some of new and old of players I really like.  I am real happy with the football cards I was able to pick up.
Man crush time.  These are great cards of Tom Brady from the Patriots throwback to his college days and a nice shot of him in throwing in heavy snow.
Always been a big fan of Doug Williams from his days in the Tampa Bay creamsicle uniforms.  I was a big Elway guy even though he jilted the Colts and Phillip Rivers has jumped up on my list the last few years as a player I enjoy.
Whereas I like small forwards in basketball wide receivers were my favorites growing up.   Charlie Joiner is probably my all-time favorite with Cliff Branch right behind him.  Alfred Jenkins is my favorite receiver from the Falcons. 
More of my favorites from my younger years!

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