Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wonder Woman Movie Review (No Spoilers)

DC Comics got this one right.  I truly enjoyed the Wonder Woman movie last night.  No matter how good the trailers look you just never know what you'll get when you sit down to see a movie.  Everything from the beginning origin story to Diana being sucked into World War I to the villain it all worked.  I won't say it was perfect because there is no such thing but Gal Gadot was great as our hero.  She worked no matter the scene or situation and you leave believing there could be no better actress in that roll.  The trailers and what you can read on the net pretty much lay out the story so there are only minor surprises throughout but I still won't divulge any of those.  I will just tell everyone they should go see this movie.  It was fun to watch and gives me some hope that the upcoming Justice League flick will not be a disappointment. 


  1. I'm more of a Marvel guy... but I gotta admit, I definitely want to see this movie.

    1. I'm a DC guy so I've been waiting for a decent movie from those guys since the Batman trilogy. It is about time! I don't think you'll be disappointed in this movie but would enjoy hearing what you think.