Sunday, August 20, 2017

2017 Donruss Football Cards

I've enjoyed the Donruss football brand over the years.  The 2017 Donruss football were just released so I was excited to grab a pack of 30 cards.  I'm really happy with this set.  With a mostly white border with some team colored breaks it is simple but I'm digging it.
There is plenty of room for the great in game photos which I really enjoy.  The backgrounds aren't muted.  The nice sized team logo is also a plus for me as well as the rest of the front of the card.  Simple yet eye catching.
The backs are simple and while a little different from years past they are similar.  A write-up, some stats and a dash of color.  Simple and ok.  My insert was a Dick Vitale Fans of the Game card.  I like Dicky V so I'm happy with the card but my favorite cards in these sets are the Gridiron King inserts.  I was disappointed I didn't pull one but there is always next time.
I was happy with my pull with Tom "Terrific" right on top to go along with all-time favorite Deion Sanders as well as Tedy Bruschi and Bill LeSean McCoy.  I enjoyed this pack and will definitely grab more.  I'm also considering grabbing a hobby box at some point.  We'll see. Again the great photos and simple unobtrusive design is a win for me. 

30 - Total Cards
4 - Blue Parallels
4 - Rookie Cards (RC)
1 - Rated Rookie
1 - Fans of the Game


  1. Glad to see Panini put Deion with the Dirty Birds. Lol... kinda tired of always seeing him with the 49ers or the Cowboys.

    1. I'm with you. Way too many cards of him NOT in a Falcons jersey. I also enjoy the cards of Deion in the all red Falcons uni's which are my all-time favorite.