Sunday, August 6, 2017

2017 Topps Star Wars 40th Anniversary Trading Cards Hobby Box Plus Some

I love these cards!  I'd been looking forward to the Topps 40th Anniversary Trading Cards and they are great.  I used some birthday money some months back and grabbed a hobby box, a blaster, and single packs.  I was in heaven. 
This set covers it all - the movies, cartoons, video games, action figures, art, comic books, books, DVD/Blu-Ray releases, movie posters from around the world, toys.  What didn't they include? 
There are buybacks, medallions, autographs, film cells, stickers, parallels and more as inserts.
I pulled a Mike Quinn (Sy Snootles) autograph.  Not the sexiest of all the different autos you can grab but I'm not complaining. 
My favorites were movie poster cards.  There were posters from all the movies from around the world.  Most I'd never seen and really thought these were too cool. 
Having this set cover so many different aspects of the Star World universe is wonderful.  They all bring back so many memories and just make me geek out all over again.
These are some of my favorite card scenes.  The Darth Maul fight scene in Episode I is still my all-time favorite from the movies involving the Sith and Jedi.  The classic "I know" scene on Cloud City always bring a smile even if it wasn't under the best of circumstances.  I thought it had great visuals and was of course a pivotal part of the movie.  The arena fight on Geonosis was great in that it showed so many Jedi at one time fighting.  I still like going back and looking at this scene and researching the different Jedi who were featured. 
To be honest I can live without medallions...
The set was even able to inlclude scenes from The Force Awakens.
I'll definitely be working to collect the entire set.  This is by far my favorite card set from the Star Wars movies.  I'm already a huge fan and these are exactly what I've been waiting for - though I didn't really even know it.


  1. Sy Snootles was played by a guy? I didn't need to know that! LOL! What they didn't include to my knowledge was the least the ones that aren't part of their new continuity, but to be honest I have not looked through the entire checklist yet.

    1. They did include some of the non-canon novels. It was nice to see they didn't ignore that part of the history. I loved all those novels. It is only a handful in the set but still it means something to a lot of fans.

  2. I haven't been too interested in Star Wars sets of the last few years, but with the inclusion of so many different things in this particular set, I might have to give it a try. I'm not usually a fan of medallion's either, but that one you got sure is sweet.

    Oh, and by any chance, would that buyback be available for trade?

  3. I haven't purchased any of this product, but it sure seems to cover most of the bases. From what I've seen... I think the movie posters are my favorite cards as well.