Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Commemorative Card Set

As I did Thursday I want to look at some football cards to start the NFL season.  Continuing the Super Bowl theme, today I am looking at the Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary Commemorative Card Set.  I love this set.  The photos show their age but I dig it. These commemorate the Super Bowls by primarily showcasing "Supermen" from the games.  Some aren't household names but that makes it that much better.  These sets are very cheap and easy to come by on eBay which is where I picked mine up last week.
Cards 1-24 have tickets from the those Super Bowls while 136 through 151 showcase Super include Jackie Smith dropping a touchdown catch for the Cowboys.  Ouch!
There are 160 cards overall looking back at tickets, moments, coaches and players from the first 24 Super Bowls. 
All the player positions are represented to include each offensive and defensive position, kickers, punters and kick returners. 
The backs have a different photo and a nice write-up.  I like the write-ups as they are pertinent to specific performances in the Super Bowl for each player.  There is some fluff but it is better than many write-ups I have seen lately.
The last nine cards in the set make a puzzle showing team gear, pictures and items from Super Bowls.  It is a good way to wrap them all up on one page. 
PERSONAL NOTE:  Timmy Smith (first photo) was from my hometown of Hobbs, NM.  He broke the Super Bowl rushing record against the Denver Broncos and never played another game in the NFL.  Go figure. 
  Information on these sets aren't the easiest to find so I'd like to thank these two sites who had posts that were helpful:

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