Thursday, June 7, 2018

2017 Upper Deck Marvel Annual

This is another of the packs I grabbed in Ohio. The 2017 Upper Deck Marvel Annual cards have a design I like.  They are bright and the art is nice.  The backs are familiar with "stats" and a short write-up.  My pull was pretty weak overall.  Hawkeye is a known quantity but among the base cards I doubt many are very familiar with Madame Hydra, Moonstone, or Forge.
My two inserts were a Top 10 Heroes card of Hawkeye and a Top 10 Story Arcs Inhumans vs X-men.  Not a fan of the Heroes card but the cover for the Story Arcs insert is something I like.  Overall I'd look for more of these though I'd lean towards singles as opposed to packs.  

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