Saturday, June 9, 2018

2009 TriStar TNA Knockouts Trading Cards

The last pack I grabbed in Ohio were 2009 TriStar TNA Knockouts cards (not TnA - TNA Total Nonstop Action).  I don't know how big a hit this was in 2009 but it was a pretty dynamic set with plenty of possible pulls so I thought what the heck.  I didn't get any inserts or parallels but I do like the base set design.  The base cards are divided into different subsets.  I pulled two Knocked Out, one Male Call and one Once Upon a Time card.  The Knocked Out subset are my favorite of the three.  I don't know any of the wrestlers but I am still happy with the pack.  It was definitely different and I like the looks of these cards.  


  1. Why do they have Samoa Joe saying that facing Kong is the only thing less feared than facing him? Shouldn't it be the only thing MORE feared? Oh, right, because TNA are idiots. Yeesh. Kong was a really good wrestler for a time, though. She moved to WWE but then got pregnant before her push really got going.

    1. Quality control must have taken the day off. lol Glad to find someone who was familiar with these gals.