Sunday, June 3, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story ( No Spoilers)

I enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Those I know who have seen it have said the same thing.  I was not overly excited for this movie.  Seems like there were other movies that Star Wars fans would have been more excited for.  Maybe Boba Fett, some of the many Jedi that were introduced in Episodes I-III, and Rogue Squadron just to mention a few off the top of my head.  Doesn't mean this isn't a good movie but I just didn't sense the excitement you see ahead of most Star Wars movies.  Were we really clamoring for a Han Solo back story on how he became roguish?  It could also be Star Wars fatigue or the fact we've had quite a few blockbusters already this year and more big movies coming up soon.  
The movie itself has plenty of good characters that all revolve around outlaws doing capers to make money set in the Star Wars universe.  The acting was good with Donald Glover sticking out though I liked Thandie Newton's Val as well.  The movie definitely filled the blocks for an action-adventure flick.  While there are slower moments I really never thought it was slow.  The action is paced well throughout the movie.  As an admitted Star Wars nerd it was fun to watch.  Did it pack the punch of the mainline films?  No.  Rogue One was definitely more fun to watch.  Of course that storyline is heavily tied to the Star Wars main universe.  While Chewy, Han, and Lando play huge parts in the Star Wars proper this movie is somewhat removed from that.  Still it is fun to see the early beginnings of that Han and Lando relationship, how Han and Chewie become lifelong partners and of course how Han comes about owning the Millennium Falcon.  Solo is definitely worth watching though it looks like most will watch it in the comfort of their own home.  And oh yeah there is a major character who shows up late in the movie but that is all I can say about that.  This characters is also one I think Star Wars fans would like to see more of.   


  1. I was not that happy with it. Generally I thought they didn't do much with the ideas and didn't develop the new characters. Just jumping from one idea to the next.

    1. I was entertained. I get that all the characters weren't up to part but for an action adventure flick I was good. There are quite a few people who agree with you though.

  2. I'll probably go see it next week. Figure movie attendance will die down by then.