Thursday, June 21, 2018

2017-2018 Prizm Basketball

With the draft tonight this is a good opportunity to look at some basketall.  This 2017-2018 Prizm Basketball pack had 12 cards.  Prizm is definitely a brand I don't care for.  With a card stock that bows and a higher price point it isn't for me. This year's set is a decent looking though.  My pull was highlighted by a Steph Curry Get Hyped! card which was pretty cool.  I like that photo.    
The base fronts aren't bad with the players standing out on a muted background.  The Fundamentals card I pulled was a nice looking card.  Too bad Isaiah Thomas, who suffered from injuries and poor play was my pull.
The backs are simple but are a good design with the nice color photo the highlight.  I pulled a few Red, White and Blue parallels which also look nice. Won't grab more of these but I am glad I picked up a pack this year.  

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