Friday, July 31, 2020

Mail Day from Bump and Run Football Card Blog

 Trevor over at the Bump and Run Football Card Blog sent me some cool cards after I commented on one he was showing off on his blog.  These aren't all the cards but some of my favorites.  This Andre Rison is my favorite of the lot.  It has a cool design and photo.  Rison averaged 90 receptions and 1100 yards per season in his five seasons with Atlanta.  He was also good for a little drama here and there but was always entertaining.  
 I always like Bobby Hebert though his years in Atlanta weren't fruitful. One of my favorites in Devonta Freeman.  Injuries shortened his peak but he was fun as a Falcon.
 These guys were all big reasons their teams went to the Super Bowl.

 Those Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron cards is one of my favorite sets.
 Finding a good Quarterback has been a tough road for the Bills after the Jim Kelly days.  
 I didn't know these Bowman Road to the Super Bowl cards existed.  I'm excited and will have to track these down.  
The aforementioned card I liked on his blog was this diecut Chuck Finley.  I like Finley and this is a nice design.  Thanks to Trevor for the great cards and hope I can return his generosity soon.  


  1. Just saw a different 1991 Bowman Buffalo Bills card on Night Owl's blog. Starting to realize that 1991 Bowman football might be an entertaining (and probably a very affordable) box break.

    1. I'm with you. I'd never given the Bowman football much thought but has me thinking.