Friday, November 20, 2020

Random Wax: 2019 Opening Day Blaster

 2019 Topps Opening Day:  So two of these blasters randomly showed up on my Wal-Mart shelves a few months ago.  Literally one showed up one week and the other the next just out of the blue.  I'm a big Opening Day so I wasn't about to turn either of them down.  This one gave me my first Acuna from the set which was a nice surprise.  Gotta love the fun he brings to the game.  And lots of great stats for the Braves.

This set offers plenty of opportunities for stars with it's smaller size. The 2019 design is one I like but I'll admit it had to grow on me some.  And the Opening Day logo makes all designs look better.  
Love this photo.
Plenty of fun inserts in this set always help make it a set I look forward to. 
I always enjoy Opening Day and this blaster was no different. Good players and good cards.  I'll show off that other blaster at a later time.  And I pulled a Trout!  Not my first of this particular card but it's always fun when you grab him.

77 – Total Cards

5 – RC

5 – 150 Years of Fun

4 – All-Star Rookie

3 – Mascot

2 – Opening Day

1 – Blue Foil OD Parallel

1 – Team Traditions and Celebrations


  1. Great actions shots of Springer and Chapman. And the Renfroe blue parallel is cool too.

    1. Agreed. I'm happy with the photos as well. Makes for good cards.