Friday, April 18, 2014

NBA Pushes To Up Minimum Age Limit

LeBron James Played His First NBA Game at Age 18
The NBA is pushing to raise the minimum age limit for players to 20 years-old. Some radio types don't agree with raising the limit while it seems many fans are all for it.  My belief in that last part is completely based on my perception and I can't back it up with any stats.  I think fans believe it means rookies coming into the league will be better players than if they had only one year of college.  

One of the basic arguments I hear is that a player should be able to take his talent to the NBA at anytime if he believes himself to be ready regardless of his age or skills.  My thoughts are the NBA as an employer can require whatever they wish.  Many employers require degrees or experience.  They do this to ensure their personnel bring a certain level of expertise.  For the NBA, it is no different.  The minimum age doesn't ensure a certain level of talent but it does ensure players get a higher level of coaching for two years, allows players bodies and conditioning to improve and players mature an additional two years prior to entering the league.  None of this ensures a player will succeed but I do believe it gives them a better opportunity to succeed.  And, in theory, it should mean rookies entering the league will be better players giving the NBA a better product on the court which is their ultimate goal every game.   

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has also brought up the possibility of helping college players specifically with closing the gap between what their scholarships cover and what the costs they incur actually are.  I'm ok with that thought but I'd like to wait and see what they actually propose.  I don't think anything will happen soon but I will be curious what does get put in place as this seems like it will have some affect or tie-in with the possible unionization of college players.  But that is another post...

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