Sunday, May 25, 2014

2013 Topps Archives Football Cards

Wal-Mart has recently put their older retail boxes of trading cards on clearance.  I doubt they are losing anything but dropping the price from almost $20 to just under $12 helps me to take a look at some of the sets I haven't had an opportunity to look at before.  To that end I picked up a 2013 Topps Archives football box.  It contained 7 packs with 8 cards per pack. The basic premise is the cards are based on a set from previous years (1959, 1976, 1985, or 1986).  The checklist can be found here at cardboardconnection. 
I'm not a guy who normally likes the older card designs. I like seeing retired players in new sets but usually the older designs are not something I care for.  These mix it up just enough to keep my interest.  The backs mimic the design of the original sets.  Pretty decent variety of current players and those who are retired.  A few retired players to include one of my all-time favorites in Roger Staubach and John Elway showed up in this pack.  The inserts and short printed cards I received are a LaMichael James thread card, mini Alfred Morris, Tony Romo glossy, Matt Forte 1000 yard rusher card and Mike Rozier and Kevin Mack high number SP cards. 
While I'm not sure I would pick these up again I do like them.  They are bright for the most part and just different enough that I like them. I think most collectors will find them interesting.  With the price point Wal-Mart has them at it is worth picking up a box and finding out. 

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