Monday, January 19, 2015

2010 Panini Football Classics

Found these at a local Casey's General Store for $1.69.  The 2010 Panini Football Classics pack contained five cards.  I'd never seen these before and thought I'd take a chance.  Hard to make a definitive determination on the set with only five cards but I think I can still say I'm only mildly impressed.  The back of the cards I do like.  The fronts tend to show a lot of dead space that has no real color or pizzazz while the backs are more colorful than many I see in different sets.  I did pull a Tony Romo Sunday's Best card.  It is ok but nothing special.  There is a jersey relic version of this card which I did not get.  I don't want to scare anyone off this set but for me I'd like to see a little more on the front from a set before I go back for more.   

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